Steroids and UK Law

Few people are aware that the laws regarding steroids changed recently. Criminal status of steroids is a confusing area. Find out below how the UK legal system views anabolic steroids.


Steroids are covered under the Misuse of Drugs Act and are classed as a Class C substance and should only be sold by a pharmacist on presentation of a doctors prescription. It is legal to posses steroids as long as they are for personal use...if the police find you with steroids it will be up to you to convince them that your supply is for your own personal use.

You may want to consider that if you are found with steroids and other paraphenalia (such as needles) on you the police may start to dig a bit deeper.


As steroids are classified as a Class C and covered by the Misuse of Drugs Act it is illegal to supply them to others.

Supply, includes selling, dealing and even giving away. If you are found to be supplying steroids you can be arrested and even prosecuted. You could face up to 14 years in prison if found guilty of possession with intent to supply steroids.You may want to consider that if you are arrested for supply of the Class C drugs you future job prospects could be at risk. Entry to certain countries such as the United States of America could be difficult if you have a criminal record.

This will cause a rise in home produced products by illicitly sourced raw testosterone powders, so we'll see a rise in underground products produced in the UK, this is likely to decrease the quality and increase the risk..... and this year in particular there is a crackdown on raw materials as the government have to be seen to be preventing the importation and production of anabolic steroids prior to the Olympics.

Martin Chandler - John Moores University about the implications of this change.

Importing Steroids

This area is going to affect the majority of steroid users and those considering using. From 23rd April 2012 it became illegal to import steroids. This includes buying from websites and other mail order services. This also includes buying from websites for personal use. In order to buy steroids from other countries you will need to travel to the country yourself and bring you own steroids back into the UK. Again, personal use has to be a factor.

Be prepared for some questions by the UK Boarder Agency if you do bring them back into the country.

Underground Labs

With changes in the law and the tightening of importing steroids it is inevitable that underground and home based labs producing seroids will increase.

The sources of the ingredients cannot beaccounted for in these labs but more importantly the hygiene in these labs is not going to be to the desired standard.

Poor hygiene and poor quality of ingredients can lead to serious complications when injecting and taking the 'steroids'.