If things go wrong...get some help!!!

Steroid addiction or dependence is rare but is a real risk. We have also discussed some of the other potential risks associated with the use of steroids. If you experience any negative side effects it is always advisable to seek professional medical attention to ensure the issue is treated.

The agencies listed below either operate needle exchange services or can provide you with advice on your steroid use. They are also able to offer you a service where you can talk tio a trained key worker who will be able to listen and advise on steroid use as well as other substances.

Dealing with the early signs of any side effect can and will improve the chances of recovering from it and will also shorten the time you will spend away from training. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ADMIT YOU NEED HELP!

Injecting Equipment

Many steroid users will resort to injecting. It is important that you use sterile equipment. Across the UK needle exchange services are operated from pharmacies, doctors surgeries and substance misuse treatment services. Here you wil be able to swap used paraphenalia for sterile ones. This includes, needles, barrels, swabs and sharps bins. Signs similar to the one below identify a service that offers needle exchanges.

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Advice for N/X Workers

Increases in steroid users accessing services for advice and needle exchange has been noted over the past few years. There are several considerations for workers of needle exchanges when dealing with steroid and PIED users...

  • Do not assume they know what they are talking about. This is a massive misconception and injecting technique should be explored as well as the type of steroids used.
  • Talk about what you know...Harm Reduction, Infection Control, BBV's and access to talking therapies. Our injecting page will provide some more information on injecting steroids.
  • Ensure adequate injecting equipment is dispensed and the correct equipment is dispensed. Remember...they will be injecting into a muscle not a vein so needles with a larger bore will be needed and a lot of swabs!
  • Explore the reasons for using steroids and ensure all other options have been exhausted. This includes diet, and legal supplements.
  • Ensure health checks are offered....some users are reluctant to access their GP's due to the stigma attached and legal consequences.
  • Basic knowledge on the different types of steroids is beneficial. Some steroid users will expect you to be the expert and so may ask you questions. Literature and posters will help as a quick reference. You may also want to refer to our page on POPULAR STEROIDS and their effects.

Services for Steroid Users

The agencies below are equiped to offer advice you may require about your steroid use and offer needle exchanges at various locations across the country. Visit their websites for further information and locations of their services.

various locations nationwide

Oxford and Banbury

Sandwell (West Midlands)